The tutorials are based on:

  • FSX or P3D scenery but can be easily adapted to X-Plane.
  • An already loaded scenery database which normally happens right after the first startup.
  • The stock navigation data of FSX or P3D. Differences might appear if you use navdata updates or airport scenery add-ons.

All functions will be referred by the names in the main menu by using Menu Name -> Menu Item. The icons are shown as well, so you can find the buttons on one of the toolbars. Screenshots will provide more help.

Quick Start

To have a clean common base, I recommend the following:

  • Select Window -> Reset Window Layout to get all the dock windows back into their default place.
  • Use the map theme OpenStreetMap with hill shading Hill Shading enabled.
  • Reset the map display settings in Map -> Reset Display Settings to make sure that all needed features are shown on the map.
  • Select File -> New Flight Plan New Flight Plan to start with a clean flight plan.


  1. Building a VFR Flight Plan This tutorial will show how to create a simple flight plan based on the map and its context menus.
  2. Building an IFR Flight Plan with Approach Procedures This long tutorial will show you how to create a more complex IFR flight plan including approach procedures. It introduces the advanced airport search functionality, the spatial search and the automatic flight plan calculation.

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