Running without Flight Simulator Installation

The littlenavmap.exe needs an installation of SimConnect. Therefore an additional executable littlenavmap-nosimconnect.exe not requiring SimConnect or a flight simulator installation was added to the archive.

You can follow these steps if you want to install Little Navmap on a computer not containing any flight simulator installation for a networked setup, for example. No functionality is affected except scenery database loading and direct connect capability which are not needed in this case.

The same procedure applies if you want to install Little Navmap on a Linux or macOS system.

This scenario is typically used when connecting to the flight simulator to watch the progress of a flight remotely.

Flight plans can be created, loaded and saved on the client computer. You only have to make sure that these are transfered to the flight simulator computer using Windows shares or by other means.

  1. Install Little Navmap on both your flying computer and the client computer without simulator.
  2. Start it on the flying computer and generate the scenery library databases. See Load Scenery Library Dialog above for more information.
  3. Select Main Menu -> Scenery Library -> Show Database Files on the flying computer. This will open the directory containing the database files in a file manager like Windows Explorer or Apple Finder. You will find one or more database file like little_navmap_fsx.sqlite or little_navmap_p3dv3.sqlite.
  4. Exit Little Navmap on the flying computer.
  5. Start Little Navmap on the client computer and select Scenery Library -> Show Database Files.
  6. Exit Little Navmap on the client computer.
  7. Copy the database files to your client computer using network shares, USB sticks or whatever you like. Use the file manager windows opened by the procedures above.
  8. Start Little Navmap on the client computer. The menu Scenery Library should contain an entry for each copied database file or no entry at all if only one file was copied. Airport icons should be visible on the map in either case.

See the Connecting to a Flight Simulator for information about networked setups.

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