Information Information Dock Window

This dock window contains text information about airports in several tabs as well as information for one or more navaids, airways in another tab plus an additional tab showing airspace information.

A tab Weather also includes decoded weather information for the selected airport.

All information can be copied into the clipboard as formatted text. Use the context menu of the text fields or use Ctrl+A to select all and Ctrl+C to copy the content to the clipboard.

Information is shown when selecting one of the Show Information for ... context menu items in the map, flight plan dock window or the search result table.
One airport and all navaids are loaded into the information display if multiple objects are nearby a mouse click

A blue link Map allows jumping to the shown airport or navaid on the map.
Additional links for helipads are available in the tab Runways/Helipads.

An airway is always displayed with all its waypoints that are also linked to their respective map positions.

The display for all airports and navaids contains one or more links besides the title of the flight simulator scenery entry at the bottom of the list in section Scenery.
These links point to the respective BGL files. A click will open Windows Explorer with the corresponding file selected.

Multiple links can appear for airports since these can be modified by multiple BGL files from different add-on sceneries or navdata updates.

Airport Information

Picture above: Airport information overview. Additional tabs show information for runways, COM frequencies, approaches and weather.

Navaid Information

Picture above: Navaid information. Two navaids were close to the cursor when clicked.

Simulator Aircraft Simulator Aircraft Dock Window

This dock window shows information about the user aircraft and about AI or multiplayer aircraft in several tabs.
Little Navmap has to be connected to the simulator to enable this functionality.
See Connecting to a Flight Simulator for more information on this topic.

Tab Aircraft

Gives an overview about the user aircraft and shows type, weight and fuel information.

Aircraft Information

Picture above: Aircraft information when connected to a Flight Simulator.

Tab Progress

Shows information similar to a flight management computer about the user aircraft. This covers flight plan progress,
altitude, speed, ambient and environment parameters.

Aircraft Progress Information

Picture above: Progress and ambient information of the current flight situation. Some fields or tables like Next Waypoint are only available when a flight plan is loaded.

Tab AI / Multiplayer

Information about an AI or multiplayer aircraft or ship is displayed in this tab if a vehicle is clicked on the map.
This also includes departure and destination airports for aircraft that can be shown on the map by clicking on the blue links (only if a flight plan is filed).

AI Aircraft Information

Picture above: Information about an AI aircraft.

Legend Legend Dock Window

Contains two tabs: One tab Navmap explaining the various airport and navaid symbols and a tab Map which shows the
general legend for the base map like the OpenStreetMap for example.

Note that the general map legend is not available for all map themes.

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