Print Map Print Map

Opens the print preview dialog allowing the current map view to be printed.

Printing is currently limited to the screen resolution
of the current map view. To get a less blurry printout enlarge the map window as much as possible. You
can undock the map window to achieve this.

Print Map Preview Dialog

Picture above: Print preview dialog for the current map.

Print Flight Pan Print Flight Plan

Allows printing of the current flight plan together with departure and destination airport information.

Options for customizing the Flight Plan Table

The printed flight plan table will have the same order of columns as the flight plan table in the dock window. Columns will be omitted from printing if their width is reduced to minimum size. See Table View for more information.

Collapsed Column in Flight Plan Table

Picture above: The column Name is collapsed and will not be added to the printed flight plan table.

Options for Departure and Destination

  • Overview: Prints the airport overview as show in the Information dock window on tab Airport.
  • Runways / Helipads: Prints runway and helipad information.
  • Include runways with soft surface: Includes runways with soft surfaces like grass, gravel and others.
  • Detailed runway information: Include detailed information for the runway ends like approach lighting, VASI types, ILS information and more.
  • COM frequencies: Include communication frequencies like tower, ATIS, UNICOM and others.
  • Weather: Print the decoded weather for all enabled sources as shown on the tab Weather in the Information dock window.

General options

  • Print flight plan table: Print the flight plan as seen in the flight plan table.
  • Text size: Make the text size smaller to avoid unnecessary line breaks or increase it for better reading.

Print Flight Plan Dialog

Picture above: Print flight plan options dialog.

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