Search Search Dock Window - Airports and Navaids


Three search tabs are available for airport, navaid and procedure search.

The airport and navaid search tabs contain multiple rows of search filters that can be switched on and off with the drop down menu on the menu button Menu Button on the top right.

The drop down menu prefixes menu items with a change indicator * to show that the related filter row has modifications. You can use this to find out why a search does not give the expected results.

If you do not get the expected results or no results at all use the Reset Search menu item or press Ctrl+R to clear all search criteria.

Filters are defined by various controls which are mostly self explaining. Only text filters and the tri-state checkboxes like Lighted, Approach or Closed need a few extra remarks below.

All filters can be used together where all conditions have to be met (and operator). All filters except the distance search filter are applied immediately. The distance search is applied after a short delay for each change.

A tooltip on the blue help button on the top right shows information about searching.

Text filters

The standard is to search for entries that start with the entered text.

The placeholder * stands for any text. Once a * is included in the term, the standard search (match start of text) is no longer used. In that case you might have to add a * at the end of the search term as well to get the expected result.

The search is negated (find all entries that do not match) if the first character in a search box is a -.

Note that all of the above does not apply to numeric fields like Runways: Min or Altitude: Max.

Tri state checkboxes

These are used to filter airports by presence of certain facilities or properties.

Below are the states as they are shown in Windows 10:

  • Black Box: Condition is ignored.
  • Checked: Condition must match.
  • Empty Box: Condition must not match.

Colors and look of these checkboxes vary with theme and operation system. So instead of gray another color might be used (red fill on Linux or a - for macOS).

This function allows you to combine all other search options with a simple spatial search.

The checkbox Distance has to be selected to enable this search. The result will include only airports or navaids that are within the given minimum and maximum range of nautical miles from the search center. This allows you to quickly search for a destination that is within the range of your aircraft and fulfills other criteria like having lighted runways and fuel.

The center for the distance search is highlighted by a Distance Search Symbol symbol.

To restrict the search further you can select a direction (North, East, South and West).

Check the drop down menu for the change indicator * and the search fields for any remaining text if the distance search does not give any or unexpected results. Use Reset Search in the context menu of the result table or press Ctrl+R to clear all search criteria.

Complex Distance Search

Picture above A complex distance search: Find all airports within a distance between 200 and 400 nautical miles from Frankfurt (EDDF). Airports should have a rating greater than 0 and should have at least one lighted runway. Military and closed airports are excluded. The resulting airports are highlighted on the map by selecting them in the search result table.

Complex Search for Scenery

Picture above A complex search for scenery: This example shows how to find specific add-on scenery by using the Scenery Path search field. This shows all airports of the Orbx New Zealand South Island add-on scenery.

Search Result Table View

All selected elements in the table view will be highlighted on the map using a black/yellow circle. See Highlights for more information. Multi selection using Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click is possible.

Table View

The header of all table views allows the following manipulation:

  • Click on the top left corner of the column header: Select all result rows.
  • Click on a column header: Sort ascending or descending (only for search result tables - not for flight plan table).
  • Click and drag on the column header: Change column order.
  • Double click on column border: Automatically fit column size to content.
  • Click and drag on column border: Change column width.
  • Click into the empty space below all rows: Deselect all entries and remove highlights on the map.

The above applies to all table views in the program and partially also to the tree view of the procedure search.

The program saves the sort order, column widths and positions until Reset View is selected in the context menu.

Airport Search Result Table

Picture above: Airport search result table. All additional search options are hidden by using the drop down menu of the menu button on the top right.

Navaid Search Result Table

Picture above: Navaid search limited to ICAO region LI (Italy) and VOR, VORTAC and TACAN stations that have a range of more than 100 nautical miles.

Mouse Clicks

A double click on an entry in the table view shows either an airport diagram or zooms to the navaid. Additionally, details are shown in the Information dock window. Single click selects an object and highlights it on the map using a black/yellow circle.

Search Result Table View Context Menu

Show Information Show Information

Same as the Map Context Menu.

Show Procedures Show Procedures

Opens the procedure search tab of the search dock window and display all procedures for the airport.

See Procedure Search for more information.

Show on Map Show on Map

Shows either the airport diagram or zooms to the navaid on the map.

Filter by Entries includingFilter by Entries excluding Filter by Entries including/excluding

Takes the text of the field under the cursor and sets the search filter for an including or an excluding search. This is only enabled for text columns.

Clears search filters and shows all entries again in the search result table view.

Show All Show All

The table view does not show all entries initially for performance reasons. This menu item allows to load and show the whole search result. The view switches back to the limited number of entries after a search filter is modified or the sort order is changed. The number of all, visible and selected entries is shown at the bottom of the tab.

Be aware that showing all navaids and airports can take some time especially if they are highlighted on the map when selecting all in the search result. The program does not crash but needs a few seconds to highlight everything on the map.

Show Range Rings Show Range Rings
Show Navaid range Show Navaid range
Remove all Range Rings and Distance measurements Remove all Range Rings and Distance measurements
Set as Flight Plan Departure Set as Flight Plan Departure
Set as Flight Plan Destination Set as Flight Plan Destination
Add Position to Flight Plan Add Position to Flight Plan
Append Position to Flight Plan Append Position to Flight Plan

Same as the Map Context Menu.

Copy Copy

Copies the selected entries in CSV format into the clipboard. This will consider changes to the table view like column order and sort order. The CSV includes a header line.

Select All

Selects all visible entries. To select all available entries the function Show All has to be used first.

Clear Selection Clear Selection

Deselects all entries in the table and also removes the highlight rings from the map.

Reset View Reset View

Resets the sort order, the column order and column widths back to default.

Set Center for Distance Search Set Center for Distance Search

Same as the Map Context Menu.

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