Little Navmap can display METARs from five sources:

You can define in the Options dialog on the Weather tab which sources are used to display the METAR information in tooltips or the tab Weather in the Information dock window.

METARs are shown in the airport tooltips and on the Airport overview tab. Decoded weather information for all sources is available in the tab Weather.

Weather tab

Picture above: Decoded weather information from two online sources. Flight simulator is not connected.

Flight Simulator

Weather information from a flight simulator can be displayed in three kinds for METARs and decoded weather which depends on the selected airport:

  • Station: The airport has a weather station. This is the most precise weather indication.
  • Nearest: The clicked airport has no weather station and the nearest weather was fetched. The ident of the nearest station is shown in the METAR and on the decoded weather tab. Note that the nearest weather station is not necessarily an airport.
  • Interpolated: The weather is interpolated by the flight simulator using the three nearest stations. This is usually the only option available on airports that are far away from the user aircraft. The ident of the clicked airport is used in the METAR report for this kind of weather report.

Nearest and Interpolated are always shown together if Station is not available.

The flight simulator weather is updated every 15 seconds to catch changes in the weather theme.

Online - NOAA and VATSIM

Online weather from both sources is updated every 10 minutes.

Active Sky

Both Active Sky programs are recognized automatically on startup for each simulator. The current_wx_snapshot.txt and activeflightplanwx.txt files are loaded and monitored for changes. Weather will be reloaded and updated in the information display if necessary.

You can also select the current_wx_snapshot.txt file manually. In that case the METARs from this file are displayed for all installed flight simulators. The activeflightplanwx.txt will be loaded from the same directory.

Departure and destination weather will be displayed if a flight plan is loaded into one of the Active Sky programs. A suffix Destination or Departure will indicate the usage of Active Sky flight plan weather on the tab Weather. This gives Active Sky users the most precise weather indication for departure and destination.

Note that the indication of Departure or Destination depends entirely on the flight plan loaded into Active Sky and not the flight plan in Little Navmap.

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