Compass Rose

The compass rose indicates true north, magnetic north, aircraft heading and aircraft track.

User aircraft heading, track, distance rings and markers are shown if Little Navmap is connected to a simulator. The rose is centered around the user aircraft if connected.

The compass rose is kept centered in the current view if not connected to a simulator. Magnetic declination is based on the declination in the center.

The size is adapted to the map view size but not larger than 1000 nm and not smaller than 4 nm.

Line thickness can be changed in dialog Options on the tab Map Display.


True North True north.

Magnetic North Magnetic north.

Distance Circles Distance circles and marks from user aircraft if connected.

Aircraft Track Solid line shows aircraft track in degrees magnetic if connected.

Aircraft Heading Dashed line shows aircraft heading in degrees magnetic if connected.


Compass Rose Compass Rose Aircraft
Picture above: Compass rose without simulator connection. Picture above: Compass rose centered around user aircraft.

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